Casa Planeta

"Casa Planeta" was built in several stages from the family Bivona First, landowners of Menfi with roots based in the second half of the 700.
The oldest part is exactly of the second half of the 700 and then there are several additions and renovations to the middle of the last century.
In 1890 Francesca Calcagno Bivona, the daughter of Santi Bivona, married Giovanni Battista Planeta, the baron of Santa Cecilia, from ancient family of Sambuca moved to Palermo.
From there was born Vito, who 1893 married Giuseppina Benso Ferreri Dukes of Verdura. From this union were born children: Francesca, Carolina, Girolamo, Anna Maria, Diego, Giovanni Battista and Maria Antonietta. In 1998 they donated the building to the City of Menfi.
The building that had been damaged by the earthquake of 1968, was restored and returned to the city by the commune of Menfi in 2008. "
Today is the headquarters of the Strada del Vino Terre Sicane, and is home for cultural activities devoted to promote wine and typicality of the area thanks to the Association Sistema Vino.

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