The enoteque  of the wine road of the terre sicane is a wine an anoteque with glass, tastings, and specialty store, which offers wines and typical products of terre sicane and representative of sicily, italian and international, working in memphis (agrigento) and surrounding areas,it is managed by sommelier erina migliore  and giuseppe russo, member  and taster  of anag.
The enoteque is located in downtown memfi, within the historic palazzo planeta, via santa bivona 13, and is easily accessible. It 's open every day from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:30 to 21:00, sunday and holidays only in the morning.

Service and support for shops and restaurants
The enoteque, a reference in the industry, provides financial services related to wine and restaurants, pizzerias and in general locals, which specializes in consulting and supply of products in every price range. Periodically are organized tasting courses, on several levels, from basic beginner to master depth on the territory subject. The courses are dedicated to individuals or professionals in the field (evening courses). The courses cover many topics, including the wine (3 levels of 6 classes each), beer (4 lessons), cereals, bread, pasta and rice (4 lessons), oil (4 lessons), salami (4 lessons), sweets, chocolate, honey and jams (4 lessons) and many others. They are also thematic evenings, tastings, taste workshops and events.

The enoteque offers wines of great quality and a wide range of wines and oil labels produced in terre sicane, thanks to a careful selection, focusing on local wines. Menfi is in fact one of the most important wine towns of sicily, where are  some of the most important companies. Through the enoteque is also possible to arrange tastings or visits to the wineries (among them, Barbera, Settesoli, Palneta, Lanzara, Agareno, Pianadeicieli, and many others).

A sommelier for you
The experience of Erina Migliore, sommelier at the ais italian sommelier association, and Giuseppe Russo, selector and expert in distillates and spirits, gives added value to capricci di vini. It is possible to  require a professional for events, presentations, thematic evenings and  special occasions for wine.

Appetizer & shop
The enoteque selects for its customers quality products, including cheeses, meats durum wheat pasta, cakes, coffee and products of the national and international slow food "presidi" (including the "vastedda di belice", the "provola dei  nebrodi", and the "suino nero dei nebrodi"), which can be purchased and consumed in enoteque while sipping a glass of wine.

Phone 0925 75033


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