Palazzo Planeta

The Bivona family built Palazzo Planeta in the second half of the 18th century. The original core was subsequently enlarged and renovated several times, but only at the end of the 19th century did the building take on its current appearance with the addition of the main floor.

In 1891 Francesca Bivona Calcagno, daughter of Santi Bivona, married Giovanni Battista Planeta Baron of Santa Cecilia. From that union Vito was born, who in 1893 married Giuseppina Benso Ferreri dei Duchi della Verdura. Their children - Francesca, Carolina, Girolamo, Anna Maria, Diego, Giovanni Battista and Maria Antonietta - donated the building to the Municipality of Menfi in 1998. After long years of restoration, well needed after the 1968 terrible earthquake, Palazzo Planeta was returned to the city in 2008.

Today Palazzo Planeta is home to the Enoteca della Strada del Vino delle Terre Sicane and to many cultural activities aimed at promoting local wines and typical products.


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